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How many users may Key Vigilant have?
The number of users is unlimited, as the access pegs may be personalized by writing letters and numbers to identify the user.

How can the users be identified?
The coloured pegs are used to identify the users.

How many keys may users remove at the same time?

It depends on the number of access pegs they have been assigned: if they have 1, only 1 key may be removed; if they have 3, then 3 keys may be removed.


May only the key organizing boards be installed?

Yes, they may. Only the Key Vigilant key panels may be installed without the cabinets.

May only the boards be leased?

Yes, they may.

May the boards be acquired after leasing them?

Yes, they may.

Are the cabinets provided with automatic lock?

Yes, they are. If you do not desire the automatic lock, you may loosen the mechanic push button lock.

May the cabinet access code be changed?

Yes, it may. It is very simple.

Does the lock have an emergency key in the event the access code fails?

Yes, it does. The cabinet may be unlocked with an emergency key without forcing it.

Is the cabinet access code the same for all users?

Yes, it is. It is a mechanic lock and the access code is the same for all users.

May a lock provided with audit software be installed?

Yes, it may. It will be quoted separately.

Is Key Vigilant easy to use?

Yes, it is. It is very easy to use. You will be surprised.

Do Key Vigilant systems have a warranty?
Yes, they do. As we are manufacturers, Key Vigilant equipment has a 5-year warranty, cabinets and locks, have a 24-month warranty.