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Key Vigilant is simply the best system to manage your keys. Find out why:

  • Features
    Controls from 10 to 150 keys on a single board. Only authorised users can have access to keys.

    All systems are expandable. Size can be increased at any time, simply by adding more rows.

    Anti-tamper seals in use.

    Security can still be increased with a steel key cabinet.

    Access pegs come in a wide range of colours (to identify area) and are engraved with codes (to identify staff).

    Environmentally friendly. No electricity or power involved.

    Key Boards
  • Benefits Very simple to use. No training required.

    Quick, easy access. Drastically eliminates wasted time and lost keys.

    You instantly know who has which key, vehicle, tool, etc.

    Keeps all keys organised with a clear layout, as well as in control.

    Eliminates walk-in theft.

    Enhances your professional look in front of customers.

    Very cost effective.

    key boards